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Listing description

You can find me generally at conventions and other similar events. I advertise what events I'm going to through my Instagram.

Items and pricing:

Earrings for $15: acrylic earrings of a selection of the weapons from the video game hades and the anime demon slayer.
A4 prints for $15: Prints of digital artwork I've done of a variety of series (eg. Pokémon, Sk8 the infinity and Pyschonauts).
small prints for $8: smaller prints of digital art I've done.
Charms for $10: Acrylic charms of Sk8 the infinity and Pokémon art.
Badges for $5: badges of various artwork I've done, mainly Pokémon art.
Bookmarks for $4: laminated bookmarks mainly of Pokémon, weapon designs and joy-cons in pride flags.
big stickers for $5: stickers of digital art I've done, mainly pride joy-cons, Pokémon, animal crossing and digimon.
Small stickers for $2: small stickers of Pokémon art.
sticker packs for $5: Packs of 3 small stickers of various series and some original designs.
Sticker sheets for $10: sheets of 6 stickers of Pokémon designs.


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Perth, Western Australia
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