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How it works

When you boost your listing on AusPride, we:

  1. Show you at the top of all non-boosted listing on AusPride Community Search (this site)
  2. Add you to our social media highlights and stories for extra visibility
  3. Share your content for greater community engagement


  • For events where we have an in-person presence, we’ll share and recommend you/r organisation (we will use imagery you use on your listing and we may ask for more)
  • List you on our supporters in our supporters sections of our platform

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How to boost your listing:

  1. Pledge your support to AusPride, picking a $14/month (AUD) tier or higher to be eligible
  2. Contact us to request to be boosted (via Patreon DMs, our social DMs, or email) – make sure you have a listing submitted on our site when you do
  3. Done!