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We provide opportunities for musicians, performance artists, educators, attendees and hospitality workers in the form of a series of regular social events. These events promote creative innovation and the shared ethics of the BDSM community.

Reunion privileges social connection and celebration of the arts and sexuality in all of its diverse forms.

You think you’re left-of-centre? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…



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42 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
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Pricing and information listed by sellers may change. Always check the seller’s / organisation’s / club’s page or contact them if you need to check the pricing. Normally this will be listed on their site / social media before your sale.

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AusPride is made up of a small team of volunteers who donate their time and talent to maintain this service, and promote artists / businesses / clubs / events for the LGBTQ+ community. They do this outside of their existing jobs and for free.

Help fund AusPride, pay for more marketing so more people can be reached to buy from or use LBGTQ+ resources and sellers listed on AusPride, and support future expansion.



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If you:

– sell art, crafts, clothes, food, anything else to the LGBTQ+ community
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…then you should get listed on AusPride. AusPride promotes everything LGBTQ+ to our Australian community (of LGBTQ+ members and allies) and is helping connect everything together.



Sponsors will be added here.

Spots are available now – sponsors are included on our website, in our marketing and social media, and in other prominent locations.


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